Wednesday, July 10

The Method to Solve Inequalities

The process of solving inequalities is similar to the process of solving equations. The linear equations can be easily solved with the help of the principle of transposing. In transposing only the terms that are unknown are kept on one side and the rest of the terms are brought to the other side. This will help in finding the unknown terms. The terms in an equation and inequalities consists of both constants and variables. The value of the constants does not change throughout the course of the equation or the inequalities but the value of the variables can take different values. The value of the variables can be found out if they are not given.

There are different methods to find the value of the unknown variable. In case of linear equations it is quite easy. But as the complexity of the equation increases it becomes more tedious to find the value of the unknown variable. Once the value of the unknown variable is found it should be checked whether the value obtained satisfies the given equation or the inequalities. If the equation or the inequalities is not satisfied the value of the unknown variable obtained is wrong. One must attempt the problem again and find the new value of the unknown variable.

The question how to solve inequalities is answered from the fact that they can be solved in the same manner the linear equations can be solved. This is because the basic difference between an equation and inequalities is nothing but the symbol used in them. The ‘equal to’ is replaced by the ‘greater than’ or ‘lesser than’ symbol. From this the method to solve inequalities can be learnt. The degree of equations plays a very important role in determining the solution of the equation. The same is true with inequalities as well.

The graphical method of finding the solution can be very helpful in this case. This is very good method of finding the solution. The solution obtained can be checked for its feasibility from the graph itself. From the graph first the feasible region and the rejection region are found out. The solution lies in the feasible region and not in the rejection region. So, once this is known the solution is obtained from the feasible and then a check is done for its feasibility. Every solution that is obtained must be checked for its feasibility.

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