Tuesday, September 14

alphabet of lines

Let us learn about alphabet of lines

The "Alphabet of Lines" defined as the different styles of lines used in drafting such as to show different features about an object which is drawn, hidden, Construction, cutting-plane, visible object, dimension, phantom, center, extention, section, & border. Or alphabet of lines is a geometrical object that is straight, infinitely long & infinitely thin.
Drafting or Computer Aided Drafting: The alphabets of lines are the different line that architects, draftsmen, engineers, et al use when constructing a drawing. The Alphabet of lines is referred as the different types of lines. The use of line types on a drawing is used to describe the various features of an object to the person reading the print. Alphabets of lines help to illustrate & describe the shape of objects which will later become real parts.
The best example, a thick solid line is known an object line and represents the outline of a part on a drawing. A dash line represents an edge which is not visible in a particular view; therefore it is called a hidden line. Other common lines used in drafting include extension lines, dimension lines, construction lines, border lines, center lines, among many others depending on the type of drawing.
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